Aquamarine/Nanna K's Day

By NannaK

Abstract painting?

Nope. It's a quilt made by an African American woman in the southern US sometime mid 20th C. Today's highlight was a visit to a museum show from the collection of a woman who more than 30 years ago was studying at the Art Institute of Chicago, surrounded by modern abstract painting and fell in love with quilts as something useful and equally bold and unique. I loved the asymmetric designs, bold colors and individual expressions of some traditional quilting patterns. Makes me want to work with fabric this way....

Edit: this quilt is : House top Quilt, Alabama, 1940's-1950's. cotton 72"x64" (thanks, Mikeday!)

HERE is a link to this exhibit, if you are interested in seeing a few more of these cool designs.

We are missing having granddaughter Fiona on Tuesdays!

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