I am grateful for ...

By shirleyray

Polar Bear at Denver Zoo

A beautiful starting of  sunset (extra 1) last night, after a delicious dinner. A good night sleep was welcome after the previous night.

Aaron picked me up and we arrived at the zoo just as it opened. With school in session, there were mostly young moms with kids in strollers. The children and animals are active this time of day.

I think this shot of the polar bear is my favorite of the day. The extras are a hippo, giraffe, and two male elephants. 

The zoo was founded in 1896 with a donation of an orphaned American black bear. It was the first zoo in the US to use naturalistic enclosures.

I had as much fun watching the children as seeing and photographing the animals.

Back at the room, playing with my pictures.

Two big days, but with a little rest, I will be ready for dinner and then I am going to watch Aaron bowling on his final league night.

I am grateful for time spent with Aaron.

Thank you for stopping by for a look. I will catch up with your journals when I return home.

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