After a busy day at work, I knew I had 3 cards to make as soon as I got in, and before it was too dark in the conservatory to see. The lighting is still poor in there. I hadn't given a thought to a blip photo, so a snap of the two boxes where all my beads and charms live was taken hurriedly.

Cards made, I then did another few bits of ironing. The pile from before and after the holiday is still huge. I am being selective, but I don't know how some people manage without ironing anything! But I know you're out there - what is the secret!?

After uploading a small fraction of our holiday photos to facebook last night, it has been really nice to get so many lovely positive comments, and 'likes'. This is what 'we' do now, isn't it? Tell the world when we are doing something nice, it's a facility to share everything. I like it. It gives me the opportunity to see amazing things and places in other peoples posts, that I will probably never see otherwise. That is a good thing.

Nothing very much to say about today, but I am enjoying Radio 4extra this evening. Bed now to read a bit!

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