But he got away (see Extra) :)

The welcome home I got from Billy is the other extra!

Yay!  Feeling accomplished but tired, as I made it to Ikea just before they opened today...and came out two hours later having really had quite enough of queueing and not being about to get past people in the Kids section....which was the very last one before the restaurant.  I asked politely, but it fell on deaf ears of a family of 8 strung out across the gangway :(

Lots of ideas now about things I want to buy but need to save up for and a few things bought, but I set myself a limit and didn't go over it :)

After that, I drove home and went to the supermarket...so now I'm having a relaxed afternoon making soup and watching 'The Queen' just because that's what's on :)

In other news...very proud to say that the  I mentioned a few months (or weeks) ago (Shout it Out from 8th July) that was on the Newbury Weekly News website on 10th July, was in the paper this week...my neighbour just called to let me know.  I have the paper but haven't read it yet!  

Happy Saturday folks :)

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