The Tour of Britain

Another lovely day.  The boys headed out to church and I went for a run.  It was quite breezy, so I tried to choose my route wisely, but wasn’t overly successful.  I added an extra bit on the end to take it to just over five miles.  Later I wandered along the road to wait on The Tour.  Many years ago, when the Tour of Britain was the Milk Race, my dad took my brother and I out to watch it when it came through our town.  All I can remember about it was that there was a lot of hanging around, then the cyclists passed by in a flash. 

Today wasn’t much different, except I knew what time they were expected, so the hanging around wasn’t too bad.

The breakaway riders seemed to be well ahead of the peloton – but they (and all the support vehicles) zoomed past.  I came back and watched a bit more on TV, where  there were much better views to be had.  The boys had watched them zoom past at the bottom of the hill – and I can imagine it was even faster than where I was at a roundabout further up the hill.

We then headed out in search of wellies for BB – another thing on his camp list.  He has a pair, but his feet have grown a lot since the beginning of year and they were much too small.  We ended up buying a pair that were three sizes bigger!

After successfully locating wellies, we had a wander around Berwick upon Tweed, which was surprisingly busy and chilly.  We stopped for lunch in what also turned out to be a chilly café. We don’t often venture into Berwick, but I think we should explore it again, on a warmer day.

We came home via the supermarket, and while TT was cooking, I was sorting out BB’s stuff or camp.  BB was just hyper and of no help whatsoever!  He did do his cello practice, but that took a while.

Here are some cyclists from the end of the peloton, including Mark Cavendish. The first extra shows the leading riders in the breakaway pack and the second shows the winner of the stage. at the front of the shot.

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