Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid

On the beach

This picture was taken at 7:51am today! And I was at the beach!! They seem to be doing a lot of development on it, and this new feature caught my eye. I think it is a "stay safe in the sun" campaign.

Had to wake early to drop G off for a 7:30 start. Then home to "work" and have lunch and back again to pick her up. We stopped off at Costa for a coffee to celebrate her first day back - which she said was very good.

Finally did a grocery shop. Prices over here are so exhorbitant ridiculous but guess this is it for the foreseeable future. And G made a lasagne which was delicious. She also "lost" her phone. It took three trips to the car to finally locate it. One trip by her and two by me - argh. It had fallen down the side near the seat belt catch. I was annoyed it was lost but relieved it was in the car. The thought of all the hassle of replacing a phone, let alone the two SIM cards in it...

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