TT and I were up and out so easily this morning.  We went for the early train and were so early we ended up sitting in the car as it was pouring rain.  I did quite a bit of catching up at work today.  A colleague came back from holiday, so it was nice to hear about his time in the sun.  Another colleague told me that she may be leaving.  I’ll miss her.  I did manage a quick walk around the block at lunchtime, so at least I got out of the office for some fresh air today.

The weather had improved hugely by the time I left work tonight – it was a different day.  I’ve had a quiet evening, and after the frustrations of last night when the IT was against me doing some badminton admin, it has worked tonight.

I spotted this last week as I raced up to the station from our Away Day in Holyrood Park – one of a number of new light installations. I think it’s part of the Edinburgh Art Festival.


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