Nicky and her Nikon

By NickyR

Kingston on Thames

I took Adam to Kingston today to do some shopping - the pre-university stock up of things that he needs, mainly clothes and shoes (that had worn out). We had a successful trip and managed to find everything he needed - thankfully we don't have to buy expensive stuff because he and I know how quickly it gets trashed at university with him doing his own laundry (white shirts become grey in an instant!)

We then enjoyed some sushi for lunch at Itsu, which seems to get more expensive every time I go there. But then all healthy food is expensive - there is something wrong with the world when a disgusting MacDonald's burger is cheaper than certain pieces of fruit.

This is a view of the River Thames from the Kingston bridge - the trees are just beginning to turn, although I have not seen any other signs of autumn colours yet.

I am looking forward to relaxing tonight and watching some TV, need to catch up with Doctor Foster.

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