Did you have one of these?

I was only talking to Mollie last night about swimming hats, and I said I had a blue flowery one. She and the boys had those thin plastic hats that you had to put talc in, to get them on your head - or rather the teacher and parent helpers did, for school swimming lessons. So on my regular lunchtime trawl of my favourite charity shops, I spotted this. It is really quite lovely isn't it! But I think it said £7....really should have kept mine!

Very busy at work, too much to do, head aching as a result and I didn't leave until 5.20.

Spent all evening trawling the internet to search for a better car insurance quote. It's a minefield. They pretend to be cheaper, then you find something essential isn't included. Then when added in the price creeps up. Obviously. I've got until Tuesday.

That's my day. Nothing exciting, looking forward to the weekend.

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