Minnesota Holiday ....

Day 1.

We were up early to get to the airport for our mid-morning flight to Minnesota. Before leaving I put out lots of peanuts for the squirrels and chippies … not that I expect them to last until we return!

Our flight was smooth and we got into Minneapolis a bit earlier than scheduled … Minnesota is on Central time so we gained an hour in flight.

After getting our luggage and the car rental we headed over to the largest mall in America … appropriately called the Mall of America! I know that's a corny tourist-y thing to do …. but it was just something we had to do! And it was amazingly fun! We didn't go to the mall for the shopping … we went for the indoor amusement park in the center of the mall! How crazy is that?!?

From the mall we went to our hotel and checked in for the night. We are spending one night in the Minneapolis area before heading up to our resort tomorrow. One of the reasons I booked this vacation in Minnesota is because there are only two states that R & I haven't been to as a couple … Wisconsin and North Dakota. As Minnesota is situated between these two states we are planning to tick both of these states off our list … and thereby becoming a “50 Stater”, which means you have visited all 50 states!

So after checking into our hotel we took the short drive to Hudson, Wisconsin, where we had supper and did some shopping! Now there is only one state to go …. more on that later this week! Stay tuned!

Today was fun and it's only the beginning of our adventures! The picture above of R with some Minnesota Vikings cheerleaders was taken at the Mall of America!

Backblipped: September 15, 2017

Note: December 31, 2017 .... added an extra showing us flying into Minneapolis and the two state welcome signs. 

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