What a weekend!!

Before Al knew he needed a new shoulder, he had signed on for a Driathlon...canoeing instead of swimming, biking and running.   

Since he knew he wasn't going to run, he and his good friend Glen signed up to do the relay version of the race.

They canoed together (3 miles, that's the two of them in my thumbnail), Al rode the bike portion(12 miles), and Glen did the 5k run.

Six of us got together last night for a wonderful smorgasbord of continental snacks put together by our friends Mike and Jean.   Mike was the sponsor of our two competitors, and after a great evening together, we walked through the warm summer night to our hotel to rest up for this morning.

Our guys did a fantastic job, and we had to stay for the awards ceremony because they took 2nd place in their division!

It was so much fun to see the river alive with kayaks and canoes, and to take part in such an uplifting charity event!!   A great weekend, filled with happy memories that will help Al get through his surgery and rehab!

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