Really Humming

I was out early. A quick trip into the mountains, blood draw, post office (where I bought some cool dolphin and tiger stamps along with a new international stamp design), Posada Java, dentist, Starbucks, library (my new favorite place to hang), Safeway, then a Safeway across town 'cuz the first one didn't have what I wanted. While I was out at one of those free wifi places...they all had it...I spent two hours trying to order my groceries on my Fry's app.  That was torturous. I pick them up tomorrow evening.

Eventually I found my way home.  It was after 8 pm and the hummingbird feeders were still out.  I forgot them last night and the bats sucked them dry. When I looked out the door, I saw a couple of bats swooping through the yard already.  I put on the patio light, which won't really scare anything because it's yellow - but I was hopeful the tiny mammals wouldn't like it.  I ventured tentatively outside.  Two bats scared the hell out of me but I had a clear shot to the feeders.  I would not be deterred.  I slipped those things off their hooks and hightailed it into the house.  Oooo...scary!

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