Purple-backed Spiny Lizard

Spiny Lizards are large (up to about 15 cm or 6" from snout to vent) and quite stocky.  In the southern subspecies (this one) males have that large purple patch/ bar on their backs. It's only the second one I've seen and I've been fortunate enough to photograph both.  Maybe that's because they freeze when sensing a "threat.".  Naturally, I wouldn't hurt a fly...oh, okay, maybe a fly would bite the dust.  :-)
Hope you like him.  Try expanded view.

He and I may have both inherited my dad's schnoz.   :oo)

  I wrote on today's BC blog. I took umbrage with a relatively new blipper who expressed what I considered a diss to long-time blippers.  I made  unsubstantiated claims, according to BC, about polaroid's role.  When called out on those comments by BC, I apologized for any misinterpretation I may have had in their original role but they didn't notice that and continued their reprimand.

If anyone who read my comments on the blog is offended, I sincerely apologize.  Sometimes, if I say nothing about something with which I disagree, it can be construed as tacit approval. 

[The original write-up has been edited.]

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