a lifetime burning

By Sheol


Who would have thought it?  I've finally managed 1,000 blips in a row.  There have been times recently when I really wondered whether I could keep up my blipping, things have been so busy.

This evening was not untypical.  I had just finished eating dinner with Cathy and was considering how to mark the 1,000th blip when the kitchen sink started to leak.  Eventually, having emptied cupboards, taken out sliding drawers, removed kickboards etc, I was able to get at the plumbing.  My knees were soggy at this point and the air was somewhat blue

A little experimentation later, with some buckets and yet more water on the floor and I managed to figure out what had gone wrong.  Putting it right involved my getting soggier and dirtier as well as bumping bits of me on the sink and the air getting even bluer.  Fingers are crossed that all is now resolved.  I really don't want to have to fiddle around with the waste trap under the sink any more - its not at all pleasant(!)

We've going to have to leave the kitchen partially dismantled for a few days to let the water damaged parts dry out, but fortunately there doesn't seem to be too much damage.

After that, it was time to get down to creating tonight's blip, which has in part involved using Affinity Photo.

Thanks to all of you who still visit despite my lack of regular reciprocation.  I still really enjoy Blip: the inspiration, creative encouragement and sense of community involved are a part of the day I really look forward to.  One day I am sure that my life will get back on a more even keel (that is to say, I will be less busy dong things I don't want to do and have more time for doing the things that I want to do, such as taking part in Blip properly). 

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