Life through the lens...

By ValC

From Saturn to Jupitor.

Have just walked 648,860,000km. From Saturn to Jupitor.
Oh , double that as we walked back too!!
Actually 1127m x 2  and some more.

This is part of the Solar route from York.
A scale model of the Solar System is spread ot along 6.4 miles of the East Coast main-line railway.
Along it you can  find scale models of all the planets in our solar system as well as models of the Cassini and Voyager Spacecraft.
Anyone interested see this website.

We just did part of the walk from Naburn, and also came across this fabulous sculpture of The Fisher of Dreams, on top of the old swing bridge across the River Ouse.

We made the most of this glorious Autumn day. 
Started at Naburn Locks where we had a walk along the river, and came back with 2 bags of conkers!  Well just couldn't resist picking them up.
Something I don't think we will ever grow out of!!
Some falling on our heads as we walked under the trees, andwe also kept hearing " plop, plop" as they fell into the water!

Then on to Naburn Marina where  ( thanks to corinthian column) we had lunch at the cafe by the river.
A delicious vegetable lasagne.
What a wonderful view!

It was after this that we did the walk.
Have decided to do the whole walk some other time.

On the way home we bought some tomatoes and plums from a little stall at the roadside . They taste delicious!

Wish all Autumn days could be like today!

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