Carlton Terrace

We were in a bit of a rush to get out this morning, but thankfully TT and I made our train in good time.  It was packed.  Work seemed quiet – there were a lot of people missing.  After a really busy few weeks, today also seemed quieter workwise for me – and I made the most of it, even making time to go for a cuppa with a colleague.  I dind’t make much impression on my to do list.

I braved John Lewis at lunchtime.  I got a couple of things, one thing I went for, the other something I have been after for a while – both for the kitchen.  I then took the scenic route back to the office – or at least a longer route, as it was such a lovely day and I really didn’t want to go back to work.

I usually work later on a Monday but as I have lots of flexi, I decided not to stay late and came home earlier than normal and cooked.  I left TT to get BB to bed, and went out for a walk around the block to stretch my legs.

I have to be in the office early tomorrow, so must remember to set my alarm.

Here is some rather elegant Edinburgh architecture on a rather desirable street.


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