Last One Printed

It's been a long journey but I have learned so much along the way. I can now print at home to the right quality and it's all to do with right paper, ink and settings (they took some understanding). Home printing is not cheap - it would be cheaper to go to a photo lab - but it does give total control and the ability to adjust one print if it's not exactly right.

I had my last meeting with my mentor this evening and we decided that one black line on an image was just too thick. This might sound silly but, when so much trouble has been taken to get everything perfect it's a shame not to nit pick at the last moment, and yes....I should have done this small thing before now; it's so hard to see everything at once.

So, in the morning I will take all 15 precious prints to have them professionally mounted - that is one skill I have yet to master. I will pick them up on Tuesday and take them to Bath on Wednesday for their assessment. Whatever the outcome I can honestly say I have done my best!

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