Sedum to the rescue

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What a horrendous wet, cold, windy old day & still the rain cascades down. It's stopped everything, from chimney repairs, roof repairs & garden fence repairs, not to mention gardening, or *hacking* back overgrown shrubbery & planting bulbs. This is a yellow dung fly, it's a hunter, it catches smaller flies for food, or just anything it can catch really. Almost the lion of the insect world, but I'd call a hornet one of those & I've only seen one this year... just way too wet for them! The sedum flowers always have something on them, so certainly to the rescue!

I know it's not a celebratory blip, but Little Larry's 400th today:

Larry holds on

Central heating on, still shivering. No sign of the cat, I guess he's snuggled next door, didn't even go outside I bet. Who would? This isn't Autumn, this is Winter already... one day I'll stop complaining, can someone award me lots of money when I do?! ;) xxx

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