Happy Belated Birthday, Malachi!

Today has been a fun day! In most ways, at least... Jeri had a marathon today - a local one from Lincoln to Sleaford. The route  went along Water Rail Way, which runs beside the riverbank close to our house. So I went off to cheer her on as she passed by. (See extra) She did very well. This course was the same as the first marathon she ever took part in, and this time she took over two hours off the time she ran it in then! 

After she'd sped off, I walked into town to get a couple of things. As I was walking past the taxi office I popped in to book a taxi to take Jae and I over to Jeri's later for Malachi's family birthday tea, in case Brian wasn't back from his birding trip in time to take us.It would cost £28! The bloke seemed like he thought he was doing me the most massive favour in booking it for me too.

As it turned out, Brian was back in good time, his birding having been hampered by fog! So I phoned and cancelled my booking! The lady I spoke to on the phone seemed much happier to cancel it than the guy did to book it! Maybe the drivers don't really like going out into the Boonies!

Anyway, I spent the afternoon doing housework and wrapping presents, and then we went over to see the family!

A lovely birthday tea was consumed, including delicious cake and a glass of Prosecco to toast Jeri's success. (Not for the little ones of course!) Malachi was happy with his Lego and the T-shirts we gave him, and the two youngest had fun playing with uncle Jae. Horatio had his friend round and they were engrossed in the X Box! They all did some homework too!

My indoor photos never seem to work too well unfortunately, but you can see that Mal was happy with his Power Ranger cake. And also that Jeri is wearing her medal!

Home now, and we are going to watch some TV with Jae!

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