Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco

Fall Color (Colour) - CB Seasons

I have been intending to participate in the various Blip Community challenges and then, invariably, I get distracted and miss the deadline.  So, this time I decided to get ahead of the curve!  I would love to have gotten some wonderful, color-filled landscape showing brilliantly-hued leaves maybe reflected in a lake.  Alas, the fall foliage along the northeast corridor of the US is really disappointing.  Probably a combination of wetter and warmer climate have resulted in a very bland fall.  

I managed to find this single bright red leaf that had just fallen from my shadbush tree.  It looked kind of pathetic against the grass, so I moved it the little wall around my small pollinator garden...where I also found a tiny snail!  I very hastily snapped three shots at different focal lengths, stacked them in Photoshop and ... voila ... blip.  Should have had 10 shots to stack instead of just three ... oh, well.

I love the way freshly fallen fall leaves look almost like leather.  I don't see this distinctive grain in fresh green leaves, although maybe it's there and just eludes me.  

If I hadn't been determined to submit something for the CB challenge, I would have blipped this naughty katydid with a whiff of zinnia on its breath.  

Chilly and windy today, very fall-like.  We may even get a light frost tonight, although I hope not as it will most likely put a rapid halt to the still-blooming zinnias.  

Sending good thoughts to all my friends in Ireland in Ophelia's path.  Latest reports here saying that three people are dead and over 360,000 without power.  Please stay safe, people.


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