I haven’t been doing many of the usual challenges during October, because I’ve been concentrating on getting something PINK every day, but thought that I could join in the challenge for Abstract Thursday today, the theme for which is “Patterns”. 

This Jelly Bean machine was given to me by my son and daughter-in-law a few years ago either for Christmas or my birthday (one follows the other, so I can never remember who gives me which for what!) so I decided that I would count how many pink Jelly Beans there were, as I am also doing the BCAM challenge for Pinktober.  To get out the Jelly Beans, you put in a penny, turn the handle and you should get about five dropping into the tray at the bottom.  

I unscrewed the top and tipped all the Jelly Beans out onto a large plate then with gloved hands counted out every pink one, the  flavours for which are:  Pink Grapefruit, Bubblegum, Tropical Punch and Strawberry Smoothie.  

So go on, have a guess at how many of these four flavours there are in total - a bit like Guess the Weight of the Cake at a Fete - I’m sure you know what to do.  I might add that not one passed my lips when I counted them last night, as I was on a Fasting Day!

I then wondered what other sort of patterns I could find to add to the challenge for today and realised that this beautiful table runner, sent to me by my friend, Marylou from Pakistan, fitted the bill perfectly.

Of course, I had to frame the result and I know that the “purists” would say there is too much going on with bean shapes, zigzags, other patterns and then a frame with diagonal pink lines but it is just for fun - and the lines are pink!

I will post the result tomorrow, and there may very well be a valuable prize for the winner.

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“Whenever they say,
     ‘It can’t be done’
          remind them that
they make a jelly bean
     that tastes exactly
          like popcorn!”
John Mayer

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