It’s a dull and mizzley day today, so I decided not to go out, but to look around in the house for something to blip and realised that this beautiful orchid that sits on my windowsill was pink enough for the BCAM challenge.

This was a cheap orchid I bought sometime ago from Morrisons and it has flowered constantly for many months now.  It has five beautiful flowers with another five buds ready to follow on from them, so it should keep going at least until Christmas and although it’s not really a wide angle shot, it does qualify for the Wide Angle Wednesday challenge in that it has five blooms and five buds making ten - i.e. the tenth month!

I had a job choosing which photograph I liked best, having taken one with a white background and the other with some black velvet as the background.  Mr. HCB was duly drafted in to give his opinion and he preferred the one with the black background, and I must admit after looking at them both long and hard, I preferred that one too but I have put the other one in as an extra, because I do like that one too.

It was quite difficult - or should I say impossible - to get a shot of just one bloom and it reminded me that when someone is ill or going through a difficult situation, often family and friends gather round to help and protect that person - and it is through their love, care, concern and protection that a way through is found and we all know that “a trouble shared is a trouble halved”.

Please click on this link again so that those who cannot afford to pay may have a free mammogram.  Thank you.

“One life on this earth 
     is all that we get, 
          whether it is enough 
               or not enough, 
and the obvious conclusion 
     would seem to be 
          that at the very least 
               we are fools 
if we do not live it 
     as fully and bravely 
          and beautifully 
               as we can.”
Frederick Buechner

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