There seems to be a theme going on in Berlin!

We had a slow start and I finished the remaining work stuff off before we hit the road to walk to the Türkenmarkt at Maybach Ufer.
I got my obligatory galette at Grumpy Galette (Extra) and bought some figs and avocados before we visited Kaffee Pur at Paul Linke Ufer. After a lovely coffee we walked along Oranienstrasse and browsed the Chapatti Outlet. I got a green wool coat for 39 Euros!!! Bargain!
Next stop was 19 grams for more coffee and a chat with the lovely gay barista Jack.
We took the U-bahn home and were trying to decide where we would go for dinner.
We ended up going to La Bionda, a local Italian and had beautiful food. I chanced it and had a pizza, hoping their Italian organic wheat will not make me ill. The wine was lovely too.
Stuffed and slightly tipsy we went home.
It was a lovely day!

Blip had to be the other invisible resident! This time in Oranienstrasse.
Extras: Grumpy's Galetteria and Kaffee Pur

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