Oh so charming, except when she (and Duma) kept going up on this counter when I was hosting book club today and all the food was up here. Oh those naughty kittens. Seems that since we are in a new house all the old house rules have disappeared. We are starting from scratch (and I use the term on purpose). I have been firm about not scratching the new sofa and chair. But I've gotten lax about surfaces. It's cute when the area is not being used as a serving area. Not so much when it is.

There were ten of us at book club and I loved being hostess to the group. It was the first large group at my new house and everybody was very positive in their comments about my new place. We all had a great time.

After they left I cleaned up and got ready for my music buddy Isabelle to come by to pick me up. We went  out for dinner and to a concert in White Rock, B.C.. A young quartet played and they were fantastic. And the audience gave them a standing ovation. I thought it was just Bellingham that so freely stands for great work. But seems that the folks in White Rock do that too. I had a great time meeting some new ladies whom Isabelle had gotten to know at the last concert she attended there. We had a great time.

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