A Walk In The Woods

This morning I went to church and afterwards I decided to go for a walk on the way home. This is part of Maidenhead Thicket, owned by the National Trust. This is the smaller part that is south of the A4 and I’ve never walked in this section before. Today I discovered how to get to the entrance with a small area for cars.

It was a beautiful sunny day, but windy. It wasn’t a long walk but it was good for me, and I found 4 new geocaches, all part of a 17 cache set. I’ll have to work on the others another day. It felt good to be outside in sunshine after yesterday’s rainy day when I didn’t even leave the house.

I made 2 banana loaves this afternoon. I adapted my famous recipe by using coconut flour and it was a complete flop. Why did I double the recipe when I was experimenting? Silly. Thankfully I still had bananas to use and so I made a third one later in the evening using my normal recipe and the others, which were more like bricks, got thrown in the bin!

I was just about to start making my evening meal when I went to drop something off at the neighbours across the road. They were just about to leave to join THEIR next door neighbours for an Indian buffet in the village - would I like to join them? Hmm - well, diet out the window, but yes please! And very tasty it was too!

Another perfect Sunday!

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