Light and Shadow

Took this one in my therapist's office while she was filling the pot for tea. As always I had a great session. We talked a bit about grief and the form it is taking for me right now. It is not the kind that tears your hair and bashes your heart. Instead it is a quiet kind, a sadness tinged with relief and acceptance. I think often of Arvin these days and bring him up often in conversation when somebody says something that reminds me of him. I say, "Arvin liked that too." Or "Arvin told a joke that goes with what you are saying." He is with me all the time it seems, even though I miss him a great deal. He is there in my heart and that is good. He isn't there physically and I miss him.

I had breakfast with the Alzheimer's gang at Starbucks. John came in costume and caused quite a bit of hilarity. You can see him in the extra. I should add that without the costume he is a good looking fellow. 

On the way home from the therapist appointment I stopped at Haggen's and picked up some goodies for dinner. Steve came over and we played some games, ate a yummy meal, and watched the World Series. We routed for different teams and were both happy to see that there would be a game 7. I am not really a fan but it was nice sharing the game with Steve.

He had heard about the sadness in New York. It is time for these things to end. I do not at all understand how one thinks who does these things. I will be in New York on Monday and am looking forward to being with family and friends. My heart goes out to all the victims and families in lower Manhattan.

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