We spent a long time in the garden yesterday cutting back lots of plants and picking up leaves and sycamore seeds - the trouble is, if we don’t pick up the sycamore “helicopters” they quickly take root and before we know it, we have lots of little trees growing.

Because the garden is much clearer, we got a better view of Sammy Squirrel when he came looking for his breakfast this morning.  He was obviously very frustrated because he couldn’t get on to the four squirrel-proof feeders, but there was quite a lot of stuff on the ground that he could pick over, which he did.

Then he was off, up the cherry tree and decided he would play “Hide and Seek” - I couldn’t get a very good shot of him, but here he is poking out from behind the tree before he jogged along the fence looking for more food - he looked rather bedraggled, but that’s hardly surprising since it rained all night long and was still raining just after 8 a.m. when I took this photograph.

Apologies for no commenting yesterday, but thanks to you all for the stars and hearts for the nasturtiums - that particular shot was SOOC and over-exposed to get the effect I wanted.  The reason for my “no-show” was that I had a glass of wine with dinner and it went straight to my head - perhaps I need to drink it more often so that I get used to it!

"All the trees are 
     losing their leaves,
          and not one of them
               is worried."
Donald Miller

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