For My Big Mouse Hugs

Thirty-five years ago, I was sick.  Seriously sick.  The hospital I was in for over a month wasn't all that close to home.  All my family and friends worked full-time, so with the exception of my mom (who also worked), I got very few visitors.

My best friend, Linda, went out looking for a giant Teddy bear because she thought I needed something to hug and comfort me.  She looked and looked but the only huggable thing she could find was this mouse.  When Linda brought it to me, she had already named it Charlotte.
To this day, Charlotte rests on my bed pillows, always there to provide me with hugs and love when I need it most.

Yesterday, each and every one of you was a Charlotte to me, wrapping me in hugs and love.  

I've been under the weather but I promise I will get to everyone individually soon.  God bless, my little 'mouses.'

Laurie  x

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