It's time to......

......revisit 'The Chair'.....

A stiff easterly was blowing in from the Pacific Ocean, I was comfortable in a light jacket while others were game enough to swim - brrr! My nose is a bit stuffy today after yesterday's wind but the sweet fragrance of the lupins managed to find it, just delightful. Gulls were gliding by on the current, swooping low before climbing again while tourist's ambled down for a few photo's of 'The Chair' and beach, and dog walkers were setting off for some afternoon exercise.

I was quite excited coming out to the beach, questions drifted through my mind, will the lupins be out or will I be too early or late, think I got it just right. I've always wanted to blip 'The Chair' while the lupins are in fllower but haven't timed it right, this year it was marked in my diary for November and today was the day, I'm wrapped! 

On looking back through my blips of 'The Chair' this shot is the first time I've taken it from this angle, so another first. We're looking towards the Port Hills of Christchurch in the distance which is south, my extra is looking north.

Clouds in the north and south with stretches of blue sky in between, nice to have some calm after yesterday's howling nor'wester, I believe it's due to return tomorrow, I won't be visiting 'The Chair' tomorrow :) 

Delighted you all enjoyed yesterday's windy shot, thank you for your lovely words and stars, they're always truly appreciated. 

If anyone is interested in my other blips re 'The Chair' just hit the tag, flyingthechair and for those who are new to my journal 'The Chair' is a Surf Life Saving Tower used during the summer months. felt good to be back at the beach. It was refreshing and I'm now ready to tackle the week ahead ie tortoises and Lilliput Lane collections.

Happy Monday everyone :)

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