Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco


Although I just blipped a cedar waxwing a few days ago, I couldn't pass up another one.  I suspect that most people share my fascination with these sleek, elegant birds.  They blend in so perfectly to their surroundings and make so little noise that it's possible to suddenly find them right in front of you - making you wonder how long they've been sitting there watching you.  

We've had flocks of robins and waxwings around our property for several weeks now so I've had lots of chances to watch them as they gobble berries, or sit high up in the trees preening, or take a cautious dip in the bird bath.  This one arrived silently as I was sitting outside on the patio this afternoon (bundled up against the chill of fall), it watched me for a while before plucking a very old, dried up berry off the bare shadbush in our yard.  Apparently not liking the whole affair, the waxwing appeared to spit the berry out, captured here.  Image is heavily cropped so it's soft, but I like that you can see the bird's pointy pink tongue and the gnarly looking berry.

Had a great family visit yesterday with MIL, her two nephews (Hubs' cousins) and SIL.  Lots of reminiscing for all of them which was great fun.  

Temps in the 30's (F) this morning so we decided to start up the fireplace for the first time this season.  It's cranking out heat, making the downstairs nice and toasty warm now.  

I spotted one very hardy dragonfly in the garden today - unfortunately, he was on the side of the house trying to soak up some sun so it wasn't conducive to photos.  Surprising to still be seeing them this late in the season.  Also one lingering yellow-jacket wasp who has been sitting on the same flower for the last 4 days - damned thing is still alive, but obviously not for much longer.  Winter's coming...


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