Ebony And Ivory The Young Bucks ....

.... in perfect harmony with their seven does.

I had a lovely walk at Lodge Farm today with a dear old mate. I was hoping that we might see deer. The first herd we saw was way in the distance, the animals were resting in the middle of a ploughed field. Then we spotted the heads of these protruding from a dip in the land. At first we saw only a very light and a very dark young buck, then the does popped their heads up. Bit of a shame they weren't closer but I loved showing them to my mate. We then went for a long walk at Fishers Green, he didn't seem to mind my incessant chatting. :)

Today's poem is Especially When It Snows by Adrian Mitchell. http://www.poetryinternationalweb.net/pi/site/poem/item/13609

How very sad. :( The poem was written for AM's adopted daughter Boty Goodwin. Caitlin is his granddaughter.   

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