What's Next?

Imagine my shock when I reached to press the up arrow button at the elevator doors and was faced with this touch screen.  It seemed self explanatory (good thing there are directions for the dolts) so I pressed the 7.  Then the screen in the extra popped up.  The cool thing is that these run-of-the-mill elevators turn into express.  It didn't matter if anyone along the way pushed a button, I went directly to the 7th floor.  Same thing going down to the lobby - no stopping to pick up anyone along the way.  There are four elevators so it's not really much of a problem, at least for me in the middle of the day.  I can't imagine the log jam when 17 floors of workers are going from the Lower Level to each of their respective floors.

I saw the ortho today about my shoulder.  He figures the tear is probably healed by now.  The intense pain I've been feeling has been caused by the extreme inflammation of tendinitis in the shoulder impinging the nerve.  I got an injection.  You can always tell how inflamed something is by the severity of the pain caused by the injection.  It certainly was a big ouchie.  It may take three weeks for me to get relief.  After that I might get a bit of therapy.

The good news...I don't have to use the sling when I go out anymore.
The bad news...I still can't hold up my heavier camera and lenses.

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