Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid


Sorry there is no image of a poppy here! The days leading up to Remembrance Day have always seen the British expat community wearing a poppy but recent changes in the law for charities has meant that the Poppy Appeal collection boxes can't be placed in British companies anymore, so, G has been wearing poppies left over from previous years (i.e. ones that haven't been left on a jacket and shredded to smithereens in the wash!).

The day began with driving to Mercato (where my blip is from) to watch the 11am show of Murder on the Orient Express. We saw previews for it recently and decided it was one not to miss, and because VOX Cinemas have now started a new Rewards program, they gave me a large popcorn just to sign up. Amazingly, they even allowed me to mix three flavours for free (usually they charge extra if you want to have any caramel).

The movie was great. G thoroughly enjoyed being transported to another well, and I was totally engaged, right until the end when for some reason, I missed the last few minutes of the movie! Oh well.

Came home in time for G to catch the 11am marking of Armistice Day on TV. She tried to look for a live stream of the Festival of Remembrance at the RAH but only managed to get last years. No matter. She really enjoyed watching it and sang along heartily. I was busy getting ready for next week.

Another weekend over so quickly. My extra is of a Christmas movie that is "Coming Soon". I really hope it shows before Christmas!!

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