7 day B&W challenge

My sister has challenged me on Facebook. The challenge is to post a B&W photo with no people and no explanation everyday for 7 days. This is my day 1 entry.

Today started out looking like it was going to be a real dreich day. As the rain came down and the temps were in the 50s (about 13°) I gathered the black walnuts from the garage floor and then scrubbed and cleaned the garage floor. The walnut casings had done a pretty good job of making a mess before they dried out

I then took my chair and a blanket to go sit and read on the back porch. As I have been out here the rain has cleared up and the temperature has gotten up to 63°/17°

Peace & Spirit seem to have enjoyed me being on their porch with Peace even laying on my feet and keeping them warm for a while.

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