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MonoMonday: My Guilty Pleasure!

Marlieske would like us to photograph a Guilty Pleasure for today's MonoMonday.

Well, where do I start? So many to choose from!

Anyway I decided to admit that I like hoarding old magazines - I love flicking through them and marvelling at how things have changed. I try to be a bit selective these days however, to avoid the house sinking on its foundations...

I've chose to show some examples relevant to my interests:

Top left is Practical PC from January 1993 (costing 75p). At the time I was pondering upgrading from my trusty BBC Micro, although I didn't actually plunge into buying a "proper" PC until April 1994. (I'm sure I still actually have the odd BBC Micro magazine somewhere but couldn't find one today - after all I still have that computer and it still works - sort of, anyway.)

The central mag on the back row is SLR Camera from March 1974 (costing 25p). I guess that's the most relevant one to a blipper. I was researching the market before buying my first SLR, which ended up being a Practika LTL - a lovely camera (when it wasn't being sent in for repair...again! Two years later I traded up to an Olympus OM1 which never went wrong).

At the back right is Issue 2 of "CD-ROM Today" - June 1994, costing £4.95: quite a sum for a magazine in those days. We'd just got our PC and were amazed at the capacity of CD Roms - with a "fantastic" 650 Mb of storage. Wow!

Before the family came along I used to enjoy driving MGs - first a Midget, then a "B". So of course I joined the MG Owners' Club – the magazine shown here is the earliest I have. And no, my MGs weren’t nearly as old as the one in the picture! I've not owned an MG for over 30 years but I'm still in the Club as I still enjoy their magazines, and lusting over the photos of curvaceous bodies ;-))
The oldest magazine here is “Practical Wireless” from December 1967 – when the price was 2 shillings and sixpence (ie 12.5p in “new” decimal money, which didn’t come in until 1971). The “adaptable low-cost hifi system” described in the magazine is the one I built about 4 years later, and which I’ve actually blipped in the past.
So there – my guilty pleasure. Thanks Marlieske for triggering my latest jaunt down memory lane!

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