My entry for Abstract Thursday, using filters or alternatively using one of your own filters.  This is one of my own, a simple square piece of glass, blue tacked onto my wide angle lens.  Then I've smeared some Vaseline on the glass to get this effect.
This is our iconic Hydro Grand Hotel, situated overlooking Caroline Bay.  Sadly it has been left to deteriorate to such a stage that it is being demolished on Saturday.  Over the years there has been much controversy as to its future as its in a prime position, but realistically it would take shit loads of dosh to bring it back up to scratch.  Such a shame. 
Take the time to have a look at the real deal in extra, it gives you a decent idea of its imposing structure and how grand it was in its hey day.
I did another Pep Ventosa today - this is the first one I have done where I have been able to walk right around the tree.  I took 42 images (golly gosh), the most ever !!  I'm actually rather pleased with the result. I've put it in extra.  Have a look.  


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