We are celebrating a very special Mono Monday today -  the 200th.  The theme is Festive. I have chosen to blip some festive cat food  ( maybe I should have blipped it on " Silly Saturday " ) I bought it as a treat for Tino.  ( I know for a fact that Lily wouldn't touch it but Tino might just have a go ) Thanks to Marlieske for hosting the challenge.

Usual Monday for me.  Fitness Class this morning - the same faces were there.  Shopping in Tesco. Back home for a shower. Then back down to the village for Slimming Club.  Its two weeks since I was there and I haven't really been " on plan " so I was expecting to gain weight.  I was pleased to find I had only put on 2 pounds.  Hopefully I can get that off for next weeks weigh in.

Steps today - 13,619

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