Mr K and the Fluffballs

Elsie and Maisie came for a day out at our house today while my mum and dad were up in Nottingham.
We had a quiet day - the Little Misses off upstairs den building, Mr K doing a bit of work and me tidying the living room. Yes, it took all day!
I dusted every inch, mopped the floor, hoovered, moved the furniture and cleaned underneath, filled bags with rubbish and recycling and took out every single item that doesn't live in the living room.
It was exhausting!!!
But it looks great and stands us in good stead for Christmas decorating!!
Later in the day Mr K was working on the sofa (while I listened to Watford beating West Ham on the radio whoop whoop!!!!) and was immediately jumped on by Elsie and Archie who then refused to budge. They love him!!
Maisie spent most of the day asleep, bless her. She's old and a bit poorly and is probably not too much longer for this world. It was nice to have a day with her.
My mum came for the dogs late so stayed for Match of the Day 2. As we were the only game today there was extensive coverage and discussion which makes a change for Watford!!
I took myself off to bed as soon as my mum left. All that cleaning and tidying tired me out!

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