Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco

Are you ready??

In answer to my own question, yes, I'm ready for Thanksgiving.  I've made the stuffing (just needs to be cooked tomorrow) and the pumpkin pie (which smells heavenly).  The turkey is continuing it's dry-brine in the fridge while the all the flavors in the cranberry relish get better acquainted.  Debating whether to cook the sweet potatoes tonight or wait and do them tomorrow - either way, all ingredients have been zested, mixed, squeezed, etc.  What?  You don't squeeze your sweet potatoes??  (In case you're curious, recipe is HERE and, no, the potatoes don't get squeezed.)

Of course, I ended up having to make not one, but TWO trips back to the grocery store to get forgotten ingredients.  Which means that those moments of feeling incredibly smug about my excellent planning went up in smoke.  Oh well.

I managed to sneak out for a quick photo sortie in the yard this afternoon while the pie was baking.  Thank goodness the ever-willing Tufted Titmice were on hand to pose for photos and ooze cuteness.  Juncos and white-throated sparrows were also abundant - I'll put a junco in Extra - it's my runner-up shot for today.

Hubs is home from his trip, and my parents have made their way to Quartsite, AZ where they'll be spending Thanksgiving.  My dad just posted an iPhone picture of a tarantula on FB, reminding me that I am not totally recovered from my fear of spiders.  That's one gnarly looking arachnid!

Thanks for stopping by, and for my friends in the US, Happy almost-Thanksgiving!


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