New Toy

Earlier this year I bought a second-hand D3200 to take away with me on the grounds that it was lighter to carry around and less obvious than my D750. It is a lovely little camera and I enjoyed using it, especially with the Tamron 70-300 I bought as well. Superb lens.
However, a few of the necessities of cameras means that I have traded it in for a D5600 with more facilities. Another second-hand job but with a shutter count of 10!!!!!! it's effectively new! I'll finish getting it set up tomorrow and try it out.

Also good news in that my D750 will return to me tomorrow. It was in the batch that might have been affected by the shutter problem which Nikon recalled to change the shutter. I dithered a bit as it was working fine but, in the end, decided to get the shutter replaced. It hasn't been away very long and will come back to me fully serviced with the sensor cleaned and a new shutter with count of 0 at no cost to me. I'm very excited it will be back as I've missed it. I know, I must get a life!!

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