Goat Mosaic

We all slept too late this morning.  The boys had to rush to football while I hurriedly made some chocolate muffins to take the Scout Christmas Fair.  I was put on the jumble stall and had three young scouts to help me.  It was well-attended.  We did steady business at our stall, but we weren’t overwhelmed with customers.  Just as well really as it soon became clear that the scouts were really there for the social element.  This was totally reinforced when BB appeared after football.  He said he would help on my stall too, but he spent most of his time off chatting to friends and spending money in the café. 

At the end we both helped to tidy up, before popping into a nearby craft fair and then the supermarket.  I was starving when we eventually got home and had a very quick late lunch before getting ready to head into Edinburgh with TT.  We met up with friends A and M at Summerhall for food and drink, and then headed to a friend’s party.  We had a great night, but BB’s bad back was playing up and he was keen to not stay out too late, so we slipped off before the end and got the last bus home.

I was too busy for blips today, but this mosaic of a goat is to be found at the entrance to the Town House, the location of the craft fair.


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