'Men at work'...

This is outside our office kitchen window. We are on the 5th floor so rather him than me. We have had a lot of leaks in our roof and windows this year, so the building owners are now being forced to address it. They are a jolly bunch and we often hear them singing or playful banter, sometimes alarming shouts but not often. He didn't know I was taking his Photo!

I got to work early today. Leaving home at 6.40am I was determined to after the last two days. Had the usual work frustrations. I think I'm just ready for a break. I would say christmas can't come soon enough, but I still have lots of shopping to do. Roll on the next pay day on 19th to finish it off. Whose stupid idea was it to have our house insurance renewal on the 13th!!! Oh well.

On the bus now. I was determined to get out a bit earlier so that my evening doesn't just disappear. Seeing on Facebook that my sister is enjoying a spa break in a beautiful hotel makes me want to sit down and see if me and Jon could do something like that. I know Groupon do deals, so a bit of time to trawl the net and then having something to look forward to in the new year would be nice!

For now, I'm tapping and/or tap Christmas gathering tonight. Then tv and bed.

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