Norwich Cathedral

So often my blip, but not from this angle before, I don't think. Jon was shopping in Norwich so I met him at lunchtime and we went to the cloisters cafe for lunch. I had a cheese scone which was nice and Jon had soup. Then we went into the cathedral walking around the real cloisters and through a nice art and design display by local very talented a culture, potters, jewellers designers etc.

In the cathedral I lit a candle. It is just a donation and there are always a couple of candles glowing in memory of someone or for a special reason. I remember the first time I ever did this in a church, and it was in Italy when I was about 14. My best friend at school was having a major operation back home while I was on holiday. It was just an expression of hope and prayer I suppose. I've done a few in the cathedral in recent years.

Work is stupidly busy. I got in at 7.45 and left at 5.30. Not sure how we will be on top of things before Christmas but I'm sure we'll manage.

Think an evening in front of the tv and an early night is all I have the energy for!

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