General Register House

Another early start, and another very busy day.  I have been juggling two big pieces of work this week and got to the point today where they were almost done, but I was getting worried I would get all my documents mixed up.  I got there in the end and was so glad to be able to leave the office tonight.  Tomorrow could be busy, but alas I will not be at work!

I was BB’s football taxi tonight.  I really didn’t feel like going out in the dark, but we went.  I dropped him, parked up and then walked to the supermarket for a  few things and spent some time just browsing, to keep warm!

We came home and listened to Christmas tunes – at BB’s request.  He said TT wouldn’t put them on the other night!

I was going to watch a couple of things on the iPlayer, but one episode of motherland is all I have managed.

Here is General Register House, hastily blipped as I ran for my train – I still haven’t seen it in all its full advent calendar glory.

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