Aquamarine/Nanna K's Day

By NannaK


Got my new prescription for my new eyes today and marched right over to Camille’s (had an appointment) to pick out new glasses.   I know there is too much to look at in this photo but I couldn’t resist…she is such a character and has had this shop for so long (80s..her shop is "Colaizzo Opticians" and I love to see all kinds of people in there who all love their glasses)  and she is so good at what she does.   So we always talk art and glasses and she brought out the first pair of HAND CARVED titanium frames that she bought 30 years ago for her collection from the designers in Belgium, where she still goes and stays and works with them.    My new glasses are from there, titanium (but not hand carved!)..double powder coated tho’ (2 colors) .     90 minutes worth of expertise… all interesting and fun … and expensive.  And worth it.     I’ll do a glasses blip when I get them, after 3 years of internet glasses.  :-)

Extra is close up Camille… we laughed about hair—she says she hasn’t had time to cut hers, therefore the cap.  She had to pull mine up in a ponytail because it was too long and bushy to properly look at face and glasses.  (I came home actually and had it cut this afternoon!)

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