Stuff and Nonsense

By Diane2104


Another duvet day for me, staying warm and snuggly indoors. 
Whilst we haven't had more than a few flakes of snow, it was still very cold outside and the car was covered in ice, so I opted to stay in, do some more baking and start a photobook. Well, I say start, I'm just at the "picking out which photos to use" stage - I haven't even decided which site to go with as I've not done one before. So if anyone has any recommendations, please let me know who you have used and if they are any good. 

I've also been watching the birds in the garden on and off today - there have been a lot of blackbirds around today, the goldfinch flock have visited several times and at least two Jays have been very grateful for the peanuts on the lawn again. I just love seeing them so often(see extras). 
Thankfully the greedy pigeons have not been around too much today, but we have had a few collared doves around on the nearer feeders. 

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