Common Enchantments

By MaryElizaR

Not snow but

a whipped topping that I found at our local health food store..low calorie, no soy, no dairy, no whatever but this stuff is the best I have ever eaten.  Made from coconut oil but does not taste like coconut (darn it!) it is still good enough to eat right out of the container.  But I did not (well, just a couple little spoonsful!) because I picked up a little envelope of cupcake makings..just add milk...4 cupcakes but I spread it out in the pan and made a flat cake like a brownie...and then dolloped on a couple of spoons of the whipped topping.   As you can see my tiny brownie is smaller than the topping amount because..LESS CALORIES that way!   

This might not be seasonal but I don't ever make brownies for us..I am not a big fan of chocolate but I am a big fan of something with my chocolate.   A holiday dessert to celebrate 2 weeks until Christmas!  I could make this for my family..they love brownies!  

Thanks for all the comments on my little tree and nature decorations.  Got too busy today to respond but I read them all!   

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