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By walkingMarj

Nostalgic view of the village

Thank you for all your kind comments on my Christmas trees in yesterday's blip (and the extra).

I had a very early GP appointment this morning. I have a frozen right shoulder. It's been troubling me for the last few weeks, but is now disturbing my sleep and too painful for comfortable dressing. My GP suggested a steroid injection (great) but can't do it until next Friday (not great). I'm open to suggestions for naming this misbehaving shoulder. I think a name that begins with Fr as in Frozen, but not Freda because I have a lovely cousin of that name. No prizes will be given! She/he will join Arth and Aggie as troublesome joints!

I took a walk through the village to deliver Mum's Christmas cards. The rain eased off and I enjoyed meeting people and chatting on my way. I viewed Liz and Nick's house renovations. They are making good progress with an enormous job and they remain very cheerful about it all.

On my way past the field in the centre of the village, (but not the village green - we don't have one), I enjoyed this view. I'm trying to become accustomed to the 28mm lens on the Sony and to use manual focus with it. Not all todays' shots were as successful and I also found a few spots on the sensor. I enjoyed processing this into a sepia version.

Only Connect tonight.

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