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No, I was not in Romania and at the Roman Wall Show today! I made prints of these 2 images for my homework for my photo class this morning. Perhaps they are the start of a series!

It was Day 4 of the Central Heating installation with only a few bits to finish off. Days 1 -3 went so well that I decided I could go to the class.

When I returned at lunchtime, I discovered that Jerome had removed all the shelving from the airing cupboard. I'd asked Mum to ask him to remove the freestanding set of shelves ready for cleaning. It was my fault. I asked as I was leaving and before she had hearing aids in.

The shelves were replaced.

It had taken some time to work out why the TV extension wasn't working. They had pulled the TV away from the wall and various cables came loose.

They could not retrieve the electricity wiring from the old immersion heater to wire in the new one. An electrician has to come tomorrow to play with the main fuse box.......

Then Stewart discovered that the pump for the waste water from Mum's shower was not working. It was working fine until they came and it seems to be "pure coincidence" that it is not working now. Lots of discussion about the wrong diameter pipe being used by the previous plumber. Toxic substances were poured through to unblock it and all seemed well until they left and the water backed up again. Sigh.

Tonight I took Mum to see the live screening of No Man's Land by Harold Pinter. We hadn't seen this before. Ian McKellen was totally brilliant in his part. Patrick Stewart was quite good but did corpse rather obviously at one point. We enjoyed the post show discussion.

I am still not sure I have much idea what it was about, not helped by a period of shut eye during Act One.

Tomorrow I will see the dentist to refix my crown - it came unstuck for the third time.

Otherwise, all is well and the specs I broke on Monday are ready to collect tomorrow.

PS forgot to say that the high water pressure in my shower resulted in a flood in my bathroom and soaked the spare lol rolls in the corner.

PPS how could I forget to say that Annette came and cleaned through for us, creating order out of chaos!

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