Newcastle Downunder

By jensphotos

Natures Christmas Lights

It was a scorcher today.  It was 41C when I went out at lunch time.  I did it as a bit of a dare to myself to see if I would be cooked or not.  Well I was for sure in fact I think you could have fried eggs on the footpath.  Around 5 pm a change came through with lightning and high winds.  The winds have dropped and then we got some rain and some more storms came through.  Well I thought I would get some lightning shots and here I am on the Anzac Memorial walk along with two other togs who like me were being eaten alive by a massive swarm of mozzies.  Curses I couldn't stay around doing a slapping dance any more and my later and better shots have rain drops on them so this is perhaps not quite as spectacular but gives you an idea.

Thanks Bob for hosting wide Wednesday.

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